Approaching the Leo Full Moon - Wed. 1/31 at 5:26am PST


Mantra for Mata Ji Durga:  OM DUM DURGAYEI NAMAHA

Mantra for Mata Ji Durga: OM DUM DURGAYEI NAMAHA

#FVD Feeling Very Durga as we approach the SUPER FULL BLUE BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE IN LEO!


OK so full disclosure I thought I wanted to start a Kali practice to rend ties that bind and ferociously catalyze total surrender to complete and Infinite Love. 

But it didn’t feel right. I asked her to dance with me and it was cool but like way more intensely sacrificial than I wanted. I am practicing offering over suffering these days. And so I sat and then was reminded of Durga: Goddess of Material Energy.

I like the vibe here because she is still coming from love. In the name of love. But she is the one who Works or Werks or Werqs in the name of love.

Everyone I have worked with the last couple weeks has been feeling big surges of mojo and magic and many of them are connecting the dots that it is getting more intense as we approach the eclipse. That makes sense because whatever seeds we sowed in August 2017 during the Great American Solar Eclipse (ALSO IN LEO) are kind of coming home to roost and grow and express themselves INSIDE OF US INDIVIDUALLY right now. These rumblings are not just for us, even though they are deeply personal. They are so dang intense because they are reflecting WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS FROM US as individuals.

So there’s this weird personal subjective awareness that might feel frivolous and idealistic. But it ain’t. It’s you, and it’s real. And the process of going thru the coming eclipses will not only deepen the urge to express yourself. It will amplify your opportunities to shine that truth out of your heart and transform the structures around you and around all of us that are confining, inauthentic, or not in alignment with that truth.

So what do you gotta do during this full moon? Connect to that truth. And ask it to grow. Whatever feels good. Whatever makes you feel like a Leo baby lion cub playing in the sun with timon and pumba, like do THAT and make promises to yourself and the God/Goddess/Tao/Great Spirit/Big Mama/Holy Holy Holy that you are going to have the COURAGE, the strength of heart, to lead with what feels great to you. And go to bat in situations that fuck that up for you or that fuck up the good feelings of anyone you encounter or care about. WE DESERVE TO FEEL GREAT.

Enjoy the deep inner realignment of self relative to what you fucking love about your self and your life and this moment. The power that comes with clicking into that place… it can unleash a lot of dreck because dreck is not in alignment with that power or that love or that flow. So it can be powerful and empowering but also wicked painful and terrifying, because it’s the very contents of your heart that are on the line.

A Kali practice would remove all obstructions to that love. LIKE ALL OF THEM.

But I don’t wanna go hard like that rn.

So I’m calling in Durga. 

The eminently capable. The infinitely powerful. 

She will still remove the obstacles to love. But instead of doing it with the all consuming annihilatory powers of Kali, she’s gonna WORK IT OUT. 

Maybe using one of her 8 arms or 8 tools.


She’s got 1) that sword henny for discrimination. 2) That club for fierce loyalty. 3) An open palm offering peace and forgiveness. 4) A Lotus for unattached awareness and acceptance. 5) A bow and arrow to focus and aim and evolve the mind. 6) A conch to proclaim joy. 7) A trident to show dominion over the base forces of existence and 8) A Chakra, spinning infinitely on her finger to show her power and the effortlessness of her creation. 

Durga is the endless mother of all. She uses these weapons and tools to sustain light and destroy ignorance. She doesn’t kill the darkness around you. She grows the light within you. And that’s what I think this eclipse is all about.


Super: Very intense

Full: Peaking cyclical energies. Power is high

Blue: odd, exceptional surprising energy. Doubly powerful.

Blood: Gonna be red, weird, powerful, passionate

Moon: Reflecting your insides, power on the inside, pattern shifting on the insides

Eclipse: Opportunity to create a new pattern.


The unfolding of this moment will let the inner patterns emerge into the outer world. So honor the INNER!

PS Durga is often associated with RED/BLOOD color.

Also after writing all this, only then did I realize she is RIDING A FRICKIN LION! LEO! ECLIPSE! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH


love mikey