A little note about Sunday’s New Moon in Leo, which is exact at 2:45 AM pt.

This Moon comes a day after Sun enters Leo, the sign associated with the SUN, the HEART, and the element of FIRE, so it’s a big burst of fiery heart connection - aka COURAGE - both outside and inside. This New Moon is also a pre-game for the big Solar Eclipse on August 21st, which is ALSO a New Moon and ALSO in Leo.

Translation? Might be a great idea to get used to this energy in your personal sphere now, because my hunch is that when the energetic tidal wave of the August Eclipse crashes, we will be dealing with the same energies flooding us as a collective, and it is the essence of our individual heart fire that will be our life-raft. This new moon will be for you, and yours… the eclipse takes us into the territory of we and us. What matters to you in your most sacred space this month may prove to be your best option when confronting the shudderingly transformative frequencies of August’s eclipse.

How to align with the energies? A few questions:

What do you love so much about yourself that you would cozy up to it like a crackling fire in the cold (or the glow of your favorite streaming service on an air-conditioned summer nite)? What is your favorite thing about you? What does your inner circle turn to you for? What is your favorite thing about yourself to share with others? Write down the answers to these questions.

The idea is to take a playful, fun, and brazenly open approach to noticing and loving these aspects of yourself NOW, because when you see them and love them, they will start to express themselves through you. This will allow you to move forward with powerful, hearty, bravery and pride in the sweetest and most loving aspects of yourself.

If you want to seal the deal, tonight (Saturday) before bed, or at exactly 2:45 AM Sunday (PT), or first thing Sunday morning when you wake up, do the following: 

1. LIGHT A CANDLE, white, yellow, red, or orange would be dope. Say, “THIS IS THE CANDLE OF MY HEART’S FLAME”

2. Fill in the blanks:
I love ___________ about myself.
My favorite thing about myself is ____________
My inner circle turns to me for____________
My favorite thing about myself to share with others is_____________

3. While gazing at the candle, feel yourself reaching towards the flickering of your heart flame. Feel the warmth of your heart candle emanating towards you. Meet in the middle. Enjoy the connection to your innermost self in the form of the candle.

4. Take the candle in both hands. Bring it about level with your heart (watch your eyebrows, lashes, clothes and anything else that might be flammable). Say aloud, “I RECOGNIZE AND HONOR MY INNERMOST GIFTS, AND ACCEPT AND RECEIVE THEM WILLINGLY. I ALLOW THE BEST PARTS OF MYSELF TO EMANATE FREELY IN THE NAME OF TRUTH, AND LOVE, AND THE GREATER GOOD.

5. Imagine the flame of your heart burning out from you (and the candle) in a big circular explosion. Imagine it going as far as you can. You can let out a sound, like an OM, a HUM, or even a SCREAM or a SONG.

6. Join your hands at your heart center. Bow deeply and give thanks to this moment, to yourself, to all your spiritual supports, and to the entire fucking human race.

Look, it’s weird. Because Leo is supposed to be about fearlessly enjoying life. But if society is falling apart at the seams isn’t it a little weird to be like YAY! Maybe. But if you have a connection to you sweetest, innermost truth, your standard, your Self, your heart, and you make a promise to allow that truth to emanate freely, you are at least contributing whatever balance you’ve established through making that connection to the place in your Self where there is nothing to fear.
Why bother? Cuz we all in the same water, on the same boat, in the same storm. Everyone deserves the chance to experience peace, if not eventually, then right now.

With love and Leonine light,