+ Group Sessions

Group Sessions are like our standard EdibleSpirit Session, but for you and your crew! Group sessions include a channeled message for the group as well as individual channeled readings for all attendees. Before the session, you are encouraged to write down an intention or question which will be addressed before the end of the session. We finish with a collective healing practice and include insight into ongoing practices to support development and follow up. Sessions can be done over phone/skype/facetime, or in person.

90 min (reccomended for 3-6 people) - $395

120 min (reccomended for 6-8 people) - $495

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+ Workshops

Each workshop can be structured as a 90min to 2-hour lecture, or a 3 to 5-hour workshop combining lecture, discussion, and hands on practice. We rotate workshop topics on the regular and will be offering the following in the fall of 2019:

Smokes and Smudges: How to use sacred smokes to clear and bless spaces, objects, and people.

Psychometry: How to read the vibrations in heirlooms and photos.

Empath Activation: How to use the natural human capacity for empathy as an empowered psychic gift.

Aura Reading: How to perceive and interpret the human energetic field.

We begin every workshop with a review of basic psychic and spiritual preparation, "The Big 5" steps we reccomend before starting or continuing any psychic or spiritual practice. This makes EdibleSpirit workshops great for beginners, but since we always aim to teach you something new, or in a new way, experienced mystical practitioners will have plenty to chew on. As always, everything is framed in the context of self-care, self-love, and self-expression through service.

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+ Parties/Events

These interactive events are perfect for small, medium and large groups and can be customized to satisfy your needs.

AuraPics 10 minute digital aura portraits drawn in real time by EdibleSpirit. TO SEE WHAT IS SEEN WHEN YOU ARE SEEN. (This offering can also be combined with the Aura Reading Workshop for an in-depth aura-inspired event)

EdibleSpirit Suppers Hyper-seasonal cuisine and beverages, followed by an EdibleSpirit Group Session or other offering. Designed to maximize the ritual structure and healing potential of a dinner party.

Tarot Party You bring the guests, we'll bring the cards. We can go alllllllll night long.

Spirit Circle - A choose-your-own-adventure format combining guided meditation, instruction in an esoteric practice, supervised practice, and Q&A. Think of it as an interactive cosmic tupperware party.

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+ Exhibitions

These multidisciplinary, multimedia projects work with healing exchange and psychic phenomena in support of self care and social justice.

FRQNCMTTR: A collaboration with DJ/Producer Lauren Flax that combines live mixed beats and music with live channeled vocals. Experimenting with intentionally creating and vibrationally curating space.

PSYCHIC TRANCE: A paraconceptual performance with Daniel Ryan. This hypno-happening runs like a talk show in which hypnotherapist and regression specialist Daniel Ryan takes Michael into a deep trance until he is able to channel the evening’s non-physical guests through his body.

SHAME SPIRAL: An immersive astrological performance piece birthed from the womb of the #metoo movement.

GODDESS PROCESS: A series of short videos exploring the use of the body as sacrificial channel/tool of divine alignment; offered as medicine to be viewed on repeat

READING ROOM: In which we experience the intimate exchange between two humans, infinity, eternity, and a bunch of webcams and video screens.

MANTRA BANK: A sonic experiment in using your voice (In Development).

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