Happy Spring/Getting Sprung


Welcome to the springing of Spring.
Equal parts day and night. Rebirth. Easter/Eostre/Ostara. Sun enters Aries,Astrological new year, egg balancing, etc... and all of this is google-able. 

But here is an EdibleSpirit outline for a Spring Equinox Ritual.

It is simple and powerful, and should bring you into alignment with the energies of the moment.
Equinox is exact on Tuesday, March 20th at 12:15pm EST/9:15am Pacific. Ideally you do this ritual within 48 hours of that exactitude, technically can be on either side of the exact moment, but maximum potency of balancing effects are RIGHT DURING THE EQUINOX... so...

I will be livestreaming this ritual from 9AM-9:30 PST or so, so tune in at ediblespirit.com/live or on our instagram story @ediblespirit. It will be saved on Insta and the YouTube channel and I guess posted on Facebook. Until then, BLESSED BE BEAUTY BABY LOVE YU


  • Needed:
  • 1 candle
  • 1 bowl for burning
  • 2 pieces of paper and a writing implement
  • A small bowl of salt
  • A bigger bowl of water
  • Sage, incense or perfume
  1. Assemble all of your tools on a flat surface, with or without a protective cloth. State your intention: “This is a ritual to honor the vernal equinox, the first day of spring, the moment of equality between night and day, light and dark, sun and moon, God and Goddess.
  2. Get grounded and centered. Imagine tree roots growing out of your feet into the Earth below you. From the center of the Earth, imagine Mother Earth reaching up her hands to grab those roots and pull them all the way down into her deepest places. Alternatively you can stomp your feet on the ground several times and feel the vibration under your feet and say aloud 3 times - “I am fully grounded and present NOW.”
  3. Call upon the elements to oversee this ritual, starting with fire. Light your candle and say aloud, “I honor the principle of Cardinal Fire, and the initiatory spark that emerges from the darkness. I call upon the element of Fire to oversee this ritual. Let the purifying flame of fire consume and transform. Thank you to the element of Fire.” Gaze at the candle flame for a few moments and imagine yourself as a candle flame with its source in the center of your belly.
  4. Welcome in the other elements. Use the candle flame to light your incense or sage and say aloud, “I call upon the element of Air to purify this space. Let the wisdom of Air clarify and refresh. Thank you to the element of Air.” Dip the fingers of your left hand in the bowl of water and say aloud, “I call upon the element of Water to encourage connection in this space. Let the fluidity of Water heal and soothe. Thank you to the element of Water.” Place the thumb of your right hand into the bowl of salt and say aloud, “I call upon the element of earth to consecrate this space. Let the weight of earth strengthen and fortify. Thank you to the element of Earth.”
  5. Using your right pointer finger, extend your arm in front of you to its full length, like you’re pointing across the room. Rotate your body in a clockwise motion, tracing a circle around you and all of your tools. Say aloud, “I welcome all the benevolent forces of the Spring Equinox into this circle. Please ensure the perfect working of this ritual. Thank you.”
  6. On one piece of paper write down something you’d like to release into the past. Something that occurred, a memory, a feeling, a pattern, a behavior. Something you are ready to release once and for all, for good, to the abyss. Write it down and now imagine three scenarios involving whatever you are releasing. They can be things that actually happened, or things that you remember, or even symbols or colors that are associated with whatever you are releasing. There is no exact science here, it could literally be three of the same things - like three pink circles representing all that you are releasing. What really matters is that you are specific. As you run through these scenarios or images imagine them playing out on a movie screen. Let the image on that screen descend through your forehead, through the center of your brain, down into your brain stem, and all the way into your heart. do this for each scenario or image. Now fold up your paper and, holding it in your right hand, submerge it in your bowl of water, saying aloud, “I release all that is not needed to the waters of Pisces and the forces of the abyss. And it is done.”
  7. Now write down something you want to welcome into your life on the second piece of paper, something you want to manifest. Be specific and phrase it as though you already have it. So don’t say “I want to win a Peabody,” say “I am a recipient of a Peabody.” Now imagine three crystal clear situations in which you have what you want. Be certain that you do not imagine specific people in this visualization. Imagine each scenario playing out on a movie screen in front of you, then let the scene and its imagery enter through your forehead, passing through the center of your brain, descending down to your brain stem and finally anchoring itself deep in your heart. Say aloud, “I release this manifestation into the fire of truth. I allow it to manifest in perfect alignment with my higher self and the divine plan of creation. I ask for this with full faith, knowing that it is already mine, in my highest good, and the highest good of all involved, with harm to none. And it is so.” Now fold the piece of paper and light it in the candle flame. Place it in your ceremonial burning bowl and imagine yourself burning brighter as you watch the paper burn.”
  8. Bring your hands to your heart center in prayer position. Bow down to your heart and thank the light within you. Think of the sun, moving in the sky, and know that good things are to come. Give thanks to the elements by saying, “I give thanks to the elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether as they shape and manifest in my life. I honor the mystery of all that is unknown and obscured from my view. In the highest good of all involved with harm to none. And so it is.”
  9. Using your right pointer finger, extend your arm in front of you to its full length. Trace a circle in a counterclockwise direction by turning your body around with your pointer finger still extended. Say aloud, “I release this working and all of its forces into the space of the universe. Let this working unfold perfectly, in the highest good of all involved with harm to none. And so it is.” Declare that the working is finished by saying aloud, “This circle is closed and this working is complete.”


Now, Chillllllll.


With love,