Elements of Spirit ETHER Reading, 8.15-8.22

Elements of Spirit ETHER reading - Watch this video first, check out the affirmation and reading below (share if they are useful), then scroll down and click on the element that is associated with your birth/sun sign for a written reading to help sustain and support your ideal elemental balance through the week.

ETHER READING: 8.15-8.22


COLORS TO POP: Bleached out colors. Sun tea and fresh linen. 
CRYSTALS TO VIBE: Clear quartz, apache tear.
OILS TO ANOINT: Grapefruit, clary sage, wintergreen
SNACKS TO NOSH: Frozen drinks and fresh salsa with summertime fruits and veggies (if you live somewhere cold eat simple clear broths and purees that remind you of warmer times)
INSPIRATIONS TO INSPIRE: Researchers and scientists who have no proof that they will find cures or solutions but persist in their research anyway.

THIS WEEK: When we go into the ETHER, the clarity of the image that comes through is almost comical - a little window of light opens up and shines down on us. A part in the clouds, a port in the storm, a beacon of hope.

Whatever is going on, remember: there is always the possibility of peace within; there is always the possibility of hope without. In a universe where everything is possible, and chaos is so evident, sometimes we have to be the ones who remember that a perfect solution is also possible. Especially if it’s impractical or seemingly impossible, we must remember that it is also, in theory, possible.

From the William Blake Tarot deck: the Child of Music comes forth through the ether:

“Piping down the valleys wild, piping songs of pleasant glee.”

The card shows a child in wolf’s clothing playing a carefree tune on panpipes. They are both disguising themselves to protect them on a dangerous or thankless journey, and also playing songs of pleasant glee to keep their vibe high, to not attract any spectral baddies while they make their way along an unforgiving path.

For Blake this is a card which describes a child learning to use their emotions and passions: highs and lows, to protect and bolster himself, instead of using them against himself. Bummer is that in the card he’s still a child, so the tools of music/emotions are not being wielded with authority. But we are not children. We can use our mind to focus on hope as we move down this barren corridor of the week before Mercury goes direct on Aug. 19th with Mars direct right behind it on the 26th.

If you do not master the emotions they master you. Another way of saying this is that your thoughts have a telescoping power to become magnified in the world around you. This is true all the time, but even more important and powerful during and after an eclipse cycle. This is actually also how spiritual possession works: nothing negative can attach to you unless you have that frequency in you or are asking for it to come to you. So the ideal practice is to keep focused on hope and positivity in order to innoculate any undesirable frequencies you may be attracting or projecting.

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