Elements of Spirit ETHER Video Reading, 8.22-8.29

Elements of Spirit ETHER reading - Watch this video first, check out the affirmation and reading below (share if they are useful), then scroll down and click on the element that is associated with your birth/sun sign for a written reading to help sustain and support your ideal elemental balance through the week.

ETHER READING: 8.22-8.29


THIS WEEK: A big thick cylinder of a reactor. Big clear space in the middle. Spiraling downward. Stuff funneling out. Centrifugal force. Spinning out the platelets. The spiral is spinning differently, Anti-gravity. Futuristic. Are we falling or floating?

Let the learning become clear. Go inside yourself. Approach the Goddess within - but don't WORK or OVERWORK. Just approach the part of you that is already totally authentically in expression. 

Where is that authenticity in alignment? What do you love about yourself and what you have created or are creating?

Remind yourself of that, but recognize as Mars approaches its direct station on the 26th, it's gonna be really hard to get much done effectively. You can try, but you may be better off using the introspective energy in the wakes of the retrogrades to focus on what just happened, so that you are oriented as ideally as possible when Mars goes direct.

Allow yourself to be in a space of ASKING, without needing to get to the bottom of things
The answers will turn themselves up. And then, come Thursday as sun moves into Virgo, the energy shifts, and we don’t feel as WHOAAAAAAA (Outgoing and connected to everyone and everything). Virgo encourages us to go into ourselves, get to the bottom of things, assess them realistically, and then set about creating wonderfully functional systems to support our most selfless intentions. 

So actually just breathe through Wednesday and Thursday and practice the affirmation: "WHAT JUST HAPPENED, WHAT IS HAPPENING, WHAT HAPPENS NOW?" You may want to dance with this affirmation and see what it turns up for you, so make notes after you use it if anything comes up. Then, after Thursday, before Sunday, try to make some notes re: a plan to support and sustain the best changes that you've been through recently over the next 4-8 weeks (until mars shadow is over on October 8th).

But remember, plans are made to be foiled and adjusted, so just use this whole process of inquiry to attune yourself to the moment: figuring out how to stay grounded centered and ready while processing what just happened and preparing for the catapult of what’s to come.

COLORS TO POP: Glitter, sparkle, and especially colors that seem to be one way but are really another.
CRYSTALS TO VIBE: Hematite, Labradorite.
OILS TO ANOINT: Frankincense, Palo Santo
SNACKS TO NOSH: TV Snacks like air-popped popcorn, potato chips and tuna salad, ants on a log. 
INSPIRATIONS TO INSPIRE: Again this week we are channeling research scientists, grad students, people who have to test things over and over, with very little happening, until everything does... then they have to get their bearings, make notes of what they've learned and just keep on testing until they can draw their conclusions.

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