Elements of Spirit ETHER Reading, 8.8-8.15


Elements of Spirit ETHER reading - Watch this video first, check out the affirmation and reading below (share if they are useful), then scroll down and click on the element that is associated with your birth/sun sign for a written reading to help sustain and support your ideal elemental balance through the week.



COLORS TO POP: Gold, red, sequins.
CRYSTALS TO VIBE: Sunstone, chalcedony
OILS TO ANOINT: Cedar, Sandalwood, Cypress
SNACKS TO NOSH: Chili and lime flavored seeds and fruits
INSPIRATIONS TO INSPIRE: The Suffragettes, who marched and campaigned for freedom without being evil, violent assholes. Determination, clear messaging, and unrelenting progress.

THIS WEEK:  There is a surge of energy in the heart, and an offering from the ETHER that can help to contextualize the last couple months. We have been going through a societal heart based evolution. The heart, like any muscle, must break slightly to get stronger, and thankfully the ether is contextualizing all the crazy goings on in the sky (and there have been so many) in this simple way. We are being fired up by being forced to rethink and re-activate our impulses as individuals and as a collective.

To understand the heart-based evolution we have been going through as individuals and as a collective, inquire in to the relationship between compulsion and compassion as it beats in your heart. What fires you up? What pisses you off? What makes you crazy? What gets you going? What makes you rally? What makes you fight? What makes you roar?

Asking these questions between now and 8.19 (when Mercury stations direct in Leo)  ought to turn up some really good, new, useful information. We change all the time so even if you think you know the answers, now is a good time to re-ask the questions.

About a week later, when Mars stations direct on the 8.26, any frustrations we've been feeling (re: trying to understand ourselves, our actions and motivations, whatever we're working on, why we want what we want, and how to get what we want) should ease up significantly. This will make getting shit did a lot easier. But the increasing tension as we approach the release of fire on the 19th and 26th could cause aggression and nastiness, towards yourself and others. So try to use the most peaceful, heart based approach to getting what you want. 

This is all summed up in this week's ETHER affirmation: "I VOW TO ACT ON THAT WHICH FIRES ME UP, WITH NO HARM TO SELF OR OTHERS." We made a promise last year during the Great American Eclipse of 2017. We get to make good on that promise now. The way is open... how shall we proceed?

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