Elements of Spirit ETHER Reading, 7.25-8.1

Elements of Spirit ETHER reading - Watch this video first, check out the affirmation and reading below (share if they are useful), then scroll down and click on the element that is associated with your birth/sun sign for a written reading to help sustain and support your ideal elemental balance through the week.



COLORS TO POP: Sunshine/Lion Yellow, Cherry Red, Sunflower Gold
CRYSTALS TO VIBE: Sunstone, Honey Calcite, Chrysoberyl
OILS TO ANOINT: Lemon, Orange, Cedar
SNACKS TO NOSH: Sunflower seeds, fruit jellies, iced golden milk... 
INSPIRATIONS TO INSPIRE: Amazing parents, or stewards of places and projects, who are not completely self-sacrificing, but who strike the balance between their needs and the needs of their brood.

THIS WEEK:  The fire is alive within us, and it's related to the sun's movement into LEO but has to do with oh so much more. Mars is about halfway through it's retrograde (FIRE) Mercury goes retro on Thurs. the 26th in LEO (FIRE), and and the FULL MOON MUTHAFUCKIN TOTAL ECLIPSE IN AQUARIUS on Fri. the 27th (which involves the SUN/FIRE) is lined up with the retrograde Mars (Fire on fire on fire)...

So what? Some shit has to burn off. So let it burn. It's happening literally and figuratively, anger flaring up and people popping off. Actual hills erupting in flames. Actual rage filled bodies erupting in violence.

Some stuff coming up in the ETHER this week - Burn it off. Burn it off so the essential remains. Glaze your pottery and fire it in the kiln. Using intense heat and fire to cauterize, seal, or otherwise reinforce the material that's already there. There is also an element of this which is that the fire is consuming the fuel of whatever you thought you were doing, and revealing the flames of what is actually burning inside of you. The eclipse contextualizes this revelation via the moon in Aquarius - giving us an intimate sensation of the standoff between our collective ideals and our individual truth, bravery, and courage. We really should all be able to be who we are without fucking anyone else's vibe... And standing in the black light of this total lunar eclipse is a great opportunity to reset our inner hardware so that we make choices that are good for US and for ALL OF US.

English translation: whatever you're working with right now will probs continue to be frustrating until Mars RETCH is OVAH. Until then we get to watch a controlled burn of shit that's useless and not aligned with the sweet spot between self-care and self-lessness.

The ETHER seems to be saying, don't worry if it gets hot or weird, the fire is doing its work, and you will probably feel a lot more balanced by next week, once some shit has burned off. Use the inferno to reflect and get warm, but not too hot. Let both things happen at once.

Leo Sun is about the heart and its playfully unabashed potential and openness. So you gotta burn through some stuff to get to the fully open balanced state. 

A few more juicy tidbits that came through:
I position my heart’s desire within the context of the collective. 
I hunt for my truth in the field of humanity. My truth reveals the truth. 

We believe that this Friday's eclipse will SLINGSHOT us through until the end of August when Mars stations direct. So whatever is resonating in this reading, please make a note of it and use it because shit's getting more and more real and moving faster and we need all the bearings we can get. We really think this year is just going to get odder and odder, and as society continues to crumble, we will continue to march in love and open-hearted madness for each other and our deliciousness. Our peace of mind is the most priceless tool, and if you have that you have everything. 

So work. GRAPPLE. If it seems appealing: seek harmony through revolution, and revolution through harmony.

We are doing the EDIBLESPIRIT LIVE Full Moon Broadcast this Friday, 7.27 at 5pm Berlin, 11AM nyc, 8AM LA time. Dang it's bound to be cool. Apologies for my crackly voice and poor scheduling during this week's video. Berlin is crazy but We are soaking up the life and sharing it with all y'all. Thanks.