Elements of Spirit Ether Reading, 7.18.18

Elements of Spirit ETHER reading - Watch this video first, check out the affirmation and reading below (share if they are useful), then scroll down and click on the element that is associated with your birth/sun sign for a written reading to help sustain and support your ideal elemental balance through the week.

ETHER READING: 7.18-7.25

affirmation: "I work and speak in the name of what matters most."

THIS WEEK:  Your attitude is the way you express your gratitude. If you talk shit, you’re gonna eat shit (see: Trump in Helsinki). There is a “sandwich of possibility” in your mouth and throat… you decide what’s on the sandwich by what comes out of your mouth. Your mouth/throat chakra speaks the truth of your heart so check your fucking vibe. What is in your heart? What do you value? What truly matters to you? If you fall back into solar plexus drama, you will become rhythmic, and that’s ok, the Universe/your higher self will bring you opportunities that push your buttons and challenge you, so that you can unveil what truly matters to you right now, in your heart. So that when you’re chill, and swole with your highest priorities, you can speak up and relieve all the tension that comes from keeping your truth locked away inside. Just make sure you stay rhythmic, light, practical, engaged, (marching forward) and don’t slip into the unconscious function of the solar plex, which is ROBOTIC. Eyes up, heart open will feel better.

During the Solar Eclipse LIVE video (CLICK HERE to see that) we talked about a conflict between our inner truth and the structures of society crumbling around us. All we have is what is in our hearts (Which is everything), and that is what we have to use to support us in marching onward without getting lost or browbeaten. This week’s readings are like battalion drills, to support our army of love warriors as we continue to march through the high seas of Cancer season before we break through into LEO LAND on the 22nd of July. But keep searching your heart! The effects of the eclipse can be felt for 6 months or more, but there should be a distinct shift of the overall ETHER starting next week. 

COLORS TO POP: Military green, fatigue brown, soft pinks, soft purples, soft everything
CRYSTALS TO VIBE: Malachite, Chalcedony
OILS TO ANOINT: Spruce, Fir, Amber
SNACKS TO NOSH: Protein bars, jerky, brain foods (to keep you focused on your heart)
INSPIRATIONS TO INSPIRE: Krishna and Arjuna - Warrior and charioteer, body and soul, riding into battle, doing their dharma, but seriously always constantly working their shit out. Maybe even staring directly into the void/infinite faced consciousness on occasion.