Elements of Spirit ETHER Reading - 7.11-7.18

Elements of Spirit ETHER reading - Watch this video first, check out the affirmation and reading below (share if they are useful), then scroll down and click on the element that is associated with your birth/sun sign for a written reading to help sustain and support your ideal elemental balance through the week.

ETHER Reading 7.11-7.18


THIS WEEK: It’s time to march forward while holding your bloody heart aloft as a flaming torch. This is in anticipation of Leo season which enters in a little over a week. This image is also prepping us for the Solar Eclipse/New Moon on July 12. (Tune into the New Moon Live Broadcast at 7pm PST on 7.12 by going to EdibleSpirit.com/LIVE).

With the eclipse WE have an opportunity to magically magnify what’s beating in our hearts and make it a habit, but this week we may have to dig deep and be brutally decisive in extracting our truth so we can use it to light the way and lead us onward. If we all rip our hearts out and move forward in the name of what we care about most sincerely, what makes us feel the best or hurt the worst... then we are united by the depths of our care and a shared commitment to see that care rooted and thriving in the world around us.

WE ARE FACING THE DEATH AND REBIRTH OF SOCIETY BUT IT'S CHILL CUZ THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS BEING BORN IN OUR HEARTS. What can you do about that? Rip your heart out and let it light the way. Marching can be stressful, but not when you fall in sync with your compatriots. Let us be an army of lovers neutralizing violence with our embrace and/or expression. Let your glory bring haters to their knees, but pay them no mind. Lead by example, with devotion, and steadily move towards what you care about most by taking the most important action: put one foot in front of the other, consistently and relentlessly progressing in the name of your deepest cares.

Element(s) to Call In: FIRE
Element(s) to Release: WATER
Colors to POP: Orange, Yellow, Ruby Red

Crystals to vibe with: Rose Quartz, Tiger's Eye
Essential Oils to anoint: Rose Absolute, Bergamot
Snacks to nosh: GORP or some other kind of trail mix with extra special treats mixed in to get you through a long march.
Inspirations: Peaceful protestors, but really anyone who's ever marched in the name of something they believe in - MLK Jr., Ghandi, Mandela (Winnie will do just as well as Nelson) .