EARTH READING: 7.18-7.25


THIS WEEK: Can you change as little as possible? Do as little as possible? This is not to let you off the hook, only to allow yourself to adjust to the turbulence around you and/or inside you. Because baby, you’re doing better than you think/feel. In the face of all the exquisite impressions coming through from last week’s eclipse, you may just need some time to equalize and equilibrate. We are always trying to get you to gently break out of your structures, but not this week. Hunker down. Be where you are, as you are, and change as little as possible. This will help the strong and subtle vibrations to permeate your densest shields. By being still you can be more sensitive. By being still this sensitivity will be less intense. you are allowed to remain still until your desired or anticipated motion feels manageable. Then, go for it! Move if you must! But maybe try experimenting with holding off on big actions until next week, on the 23rd, when the fires of LEO LAND may act for you, or make you act without even realizing it. It’s chill cuz you’re just focusing on being still, stable, and sensitive without getting spun or messy.

COLORS TO POP: Khaki, swamp green, slate grey
CRYSTALS TO VIBE: Garnet, red jasper
OILS TO ANOINT: Patchouli, vetiver
SNACKS TO NOSH: Oatmeal with maple syrup, eggs over medium
INSPIRATIONS TO INSPIRE: Crocodiles - amphibians who traverse water and earth. Who lay so still. Who are so sensitive. Who barely breathe or move. Who remain undetected. Until the moment is perfect and they strike and eat their best meal and live their best life.