Elements of Spirit - EARTH READING - 7.11-7.18

EARTH READING - 7.11-7.18


This week: Put your back into it. Be proud. We see you not just marching forward holding your beautiful bloody heart as a beacon... we see you standing on a peak, thrusting it skyward and proclaiming the value of your prize by holding it high above your head for everyone to see. 

Use your elbows and their grease to do the heavy lifting that needs to be done, but don't be a negative nelly. This week's affirmation is deep. It implies that you ALREADY have something valuable that you have been working to cultivate, and it is moving through you, and it might even BE YOU. So don’t get it twisted. What you want is not only coming, it’s here. We need you to appreciate yourself for coming this far. It will give us life. You can do this by promising, nay, VOWING To emerge victorious, to honor your commitment to yourself and your heart's cares and see it through until you feel the satisfaction of betting on yourself and sticking around for long enough to win. Maybe you’re already winning. Either way, you are a sure thing. Act like it. 

Element(s) to Call In: FIRE, ETHER
Element(s) to Release: WATER
Colors to POP: Rich earth tones with bits of bling, sparkle, and glitter
Crystals to vibe with: Aragonite, Fossils
Essential Oils to anoint: Laurel, Patchouli, Myrrh

Snacks to nosh: Celebratory Artisinal Carbs
Inspirations: Olympians, especially the ones that are winning, especially the ones who didn't think they were going to win, whose victory is a surprise to even themselves