Michael has helped my family and me tremendously. One of my first sessions many years ago provided me with insight, support and encouragement that sticks with me today- most significantly the guidance toward a fulfilling career. Michael’s intuition is incredibly accurate and every session leaves me feeling more peaceful, conscious and confident. Because I’ve had such noticeably positive results, Michael is at the top of my list when my family and I need any sort of psychic/spiritual healing, direction, or treatments.
— Diane, NYC, Life Coach
Michael is a very gifted psychic and healer. His insight and compassion are boundless and so keenly pertinent. Michael is truly involved in this work for the betterment of any life that is seeking guidance and healing. He is able to connect to spirit and source and bring forth healing and light and love, truly like no other lightworker I have been blessed to receive from. His enthusiasm for this work brings hope, joy, wisdom and possibility to everyone who encounters him. I give my highest regard to the gifts he shares so generously.
— Alicia Rae, Psychic and Healer, Placentia, CA
Michael has given me a lot of internal transplants- so far I have a new heart, a new set of eyes and all the confidence in the world. Every time he and I meet I promise myself that I am worth the work it takes to be amazing! He is a MASTER.
— Joey, West Hollywood
Working with Michael allows me to collaborate with my inner life and my truest self in the deepest ways but with the lightness of a tea party.
— Mary Ann, Los Angeles, CA
Michael has been the guiding light in my life when I so desperately wanted to find the light switch on my intuition. I have worked with Michael privately, one-on-one and I have taken his Intuitive Development seminar course and I feel that by combining both the private sessions with the intuitive development courses I have improved my intuitive abilities as well as my knowledge 10 fold. Michael is one of my favorite teachers of all time, across the board in my life because of his teaching style. Michael not only brings an incredible depth of information he also delivers the messages in a way that is uncomplicated, clear and EXCITING! I love listening to Michael lecture, he is so much fun to listen to and very engaging for the students. I never dreamed I would be able to give a cold reading as a medium, but I did and it was AMAZING thanks to Michael’s intuitive development course. There are no physical words to truly describe the gratitude I feel towards Michael and his work. He is my guiding light on my spiritual path in this physical plane and he touches the life of everyone who has the good fortune to meet him.
— Tarah, Acupuncturist, Brooklyn
I can say, with all my heart, that this is a man that has found his calling, is serious about it, but laughs alot, and is child like is such a good way. I am blessed I was guided to him.
— Sue, CA
Michael Domitrovich appeared in my life just after I asked the universe for help. We bonded immediately over an offering of tea. Michael is not a ‘fortune teller’ he is a guide. He is a channel to your inner self. My readings with Michael have provided me with the encouragement and courage I need to keep moving forward on the path I have chosen to change the world for the better, which as we all know can be a lonely and scary path. Michael’s kindness, gentleness and humor puts one immediately at ease. I encourage anyone who is searching for their truth to go visit him. And even those of you who think you know your truth... If you come with an open mind, you might be surprised.
— Jo, Nassau, Bahamas
Michael is a gifted teacher, nurturer, and his work inspires me to be a better person. His classes are never “preachy” or absolute in the subject matter, and the way he presents that material allows you to take away and make your own conclusions. I have found that his teachings have equipped me with tools to navigate through challenging situations in my life and I look forward to continuing to learn from him. Whether you need spiritual guidance, are interested in learning more about a particular practice, or are looking for a delicious recipe with some food advice - Michael provides all those aspects of wellness.
— Alexandra, Brooklyn
Working with Michael has changed my life and I will be forever grateful for his guidance. Michael is one of the most wise, compassionate, and dynamic people I have ever known. He pours his heart and soul into his work, and his tremendous gifts as an intuitive and healer are in direct proportion to his capacity for loving kindness. He is truly a beautiful soul.

Edible Spirit seems an apt name for this practice, as working with Michael is always nourishing. I have studied energetic healing and channeling with Michael and, in our many private sessions, I trust him to employ whatever healing modalities he sees fit at the time.
— Pamela, Author and Screenwriter, New York City
I tend to be very guarded about the exploration of certain spiritual practices, yet being referred to Michael by one of my closest friends, I was eager to experience what I had heard. I attended a Psychometry workshop Michael hosted and immediately felt safe and grounded in the structure and awareness he effortlessly fostered. The session was incredible - for my own private work as well as in the discovery of such skilled and humbled guidance. One of the attributes I admire most in Michael is his ability to understand the fluid nature between guide and seeker, and he allows the journey to move seamlessly - and in doing, he has allowed me to grow in my own awareness.
— Kelly, NYC, Producer