Elements of Spirit:

Weekly video readings through the classical elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether. Offered to encourage your awareness of the world and your life as an elemental experience. Channeled by EdibleSpirit to assist in cultivating balance through your week. 


5 minute digital aura portrait sittings with EdibleSpirit. A before pic, an after pic and an AURAPIC in between.
To see what is seen when you are seen.


A paraconceptual performance with Hypnotherapist Daniel Ryan.


A sonic experiment in using your voice (In Development).

shame spiral:

A multimedia astrological performance piece birthed from the womb of the #metoo movement. (In Development)

Goddess Process

A series of short videos exploring the use of the body as sacrificial channel
offered as medicine to be viewed on repeat

Reading Room

In which we experience the intimate exchange between two humans, infiniti, eternity, and a bunch of webcams and video screens



12 rooms 

And the void of the wheel

In which each actor in the room represents a zodiacal dynamic 

And can be asked questions to be answered from the POV of that essence of the zodiac 

Ending in a void that is the body and the life 

And the universe 

Maybe giving each of the actors a template story and dialogue in addition to their questions and answers 

Things synchronized by time 

By bells gongs dings and swooshes and the like 

That connects the action 

An eclipse? 

A conjunction? 

Is anyone the planets?

Are the audience members the planets?