No matter who you are, where you are, or where you’re going, EdibleSpirit is here for you. We created this space as a place for you to show up, check in, and KNOW that you are doing right by your spiritual self and spiritual practice. We are here to provide you with everything you need to stay plugged in: offering Services, Classes and Events that make all this spiritual stuff easier to swallow, without watering anything down.

For those who want even more, starting January 1, 2019 we are launching the EdibleSpirit Experience - a package that offers regular exclusive content to subscribers. For 9.99 a month we will provide you with weekly video readings, monthly transmissions and quarterly DIGITAL spiritual content and connection in addition to subscribers-only digital events and discounts on services and classes.

At EdibleSpirit we believe that you are already a healer/psychic/mystic extraordinaire, it’s just a question of where you’re at in your life, how your particular gifts work and how best to apply them authentically in service of humanity. We aim to support you at every step along the way, without being annoying, boring, or needlessly esoteric. Read on to find out how we show up for you every day.



photo by noelle duquette

photo by noelle duquette


EdibleSpirit Is… A System of Self-Care based on the balancing of the energetic bodies through alignment with the truth of who you are as a soul. When you, today, are in ideal alignment with Soul/Self/Truth, everything is gravy - relationships improve, work takes on a greater sense of purpose, and life in general just seems to flow better. When you are in less-than-ideal alignment stuff comes up: conflicts, lessons, even illness or injury. The SERVICES on offer at meet you wherever you are and help you get to wherever you want to be, contextualizing everything within the world of the Spirit, offering practical insight into how best to develop your spiritual superpowers and ultimately, how to use them effectively to change your life and the world for the better.



EdibleSpirit Is… A Community of Self-Love based on the idea that everyone is worthy of tapping into the infinite power and knowledge of the universe (which is really just inside of you). If you think you have discovered all there is to love about yourself , YOU’RE BEING LAZY! You are infinitely amazing and there is always more YOU to explore, more to understand, more to confront, engage and adore. As we work (through self care) to illuminate the truth of our being, there is a corresponding growth in psychic sensitivity and phenomena. At EdibleSpirit we offer CLASSES to help you connect to and develop these spiritual super-powers as much or as little as you like. Every class has a clear intention behind it, and aims to teach you specific skills, but the learning opportunities along the way are endless. Even better, we offer these classes as one-offs at various venues, as online-webinars, and as small, private gatherings where you and your loved ones can gather and learn to do some pretty amazing stuff.

photo by noelle duquette

photo by noelle duquette


EdibleSpirit Is… A Lifestyle of Self-Expression that presumes EVERYONE is a powerful creator. If this is true, then no one person is more important than any other and we all deserve to live a life full of meaning and magic. EdibleSpirit is based on the idea that true spiritual living eventually requires you to commit a portion of your energy to selfless service. But this doesn’t have to be tedious, dry or even difficult. To truly sustain a practice of service it must be an EXPRESSION of your truth (discovered and developed through self-care and self-love). HOW YOU SERVE wants to be aligned with WHO YOU ARE. This is the way to go from working life like a job to engaging life as a creation. When you’re fried or exhausted there is self-care to support you. When you’re lost, or don’t know what to do next, the spiritual skills developed through self-love are there to guide you

All of it serves build a world in which we take care of ourselves, each other, and the planet in ways that are aligned with our truth. This is Self-Expression through Spiritual Service. This is the healer’s journey. This is creative living. This is EdibleSpirit.

In the past few years we have refined our own forms of Self-Expression by curating delicious, magical, creative, EVENTS designed to illuminate the power of the invisible forces within you, around you and between us.