WATER READING - 7.11-7.18


THIS WEEK: the first thing that comes up is energy that is trying to flow strong and deep in surging circles around the hips and root of the pelvis. This represents a current that wants to establish itself and make u feel thick and delicious so u can wade thru whatever bullshit comes ur way. That’s what’s called for: the same energy you would need to wade through a waste high pile of sludgy mud (or shite). Try to connect with yourself on a very basic level. Start with what u need to survive, then go for what u need to feel good as u move forward. But keep at it. Don’t go too fast or too slow. Try to stay positive but actually don’t worry if u feel kinda blah. Be steady and persistent. Resist inertia. You may not march as loud or as hard as everyone else but you are still fighting the fight with all your heart. Don’t think too much. Keep moving and stay juicy. 

Element(s) to Call In: EARTH, WATER
Element(s) to Release: AIR
Colors to POP: Rich Greens, Teals, Aqua
Crystals to vibe with: Carnelian, Agate (especially blue and green versions)
Essential Oils to anoint: Geranium. 
Snacks to nosh: sea vegetables, spirulina, seaweed chips
Inspirations: Cranberry and rice farmers; put your waders on and get in there. If it gets too heavy drain the field and harvest your crop. Just keep working.