Elements of Spirit - WATER Reading - 8.22-8.29

WATER READING: 8.22-8.29


THIS WEEK: The vibe here is to be like a pier or a post or a pylon in the water. 

Let the currents swim around you. Let the emotions flow around you and within you. Incubate a bit if you can this week. It’s about digging your heels in, being where you are, dealing with what you’re dealing with as it comes across your path WITHOUT chasing after it. You can think about the past if that’s what comes up (and it will). You can also plan for the future based on what you’ve learned, and this week is a good time to do that. The trick is to not go thinking you have to do anything. Let everything come to you. Only deal with what crosses your field of vision. And keep your head high and clear. Presume everything is fine until you have proof that it is. Act like nothing is wrong and whatever does go wrong will be much more manageable. 

The Sun enters Virgo on the 23rd, changing the overall vibe from outgoing Fire to transitional Earth. One primary mode of expression is ending and another begins. Mars goes direct on the 26th and we get an infusion of energy and vitality and lubrication for any undertakings which have been meeting resistance or friction. If you just focus on your flow, the changes that come with these two alignments will effectively implement themselves. 

Try to stay above the fray.

COLORS TO POP: Chocolate brown, sea-foam green.
CRYSTALS TO VIBE: Ocean Jasper, Brown Chalcedony.
OILS TO ANOINT: Basil, Cypress
SNACKS TO NOSH: Vegetarian/vegan everything. Grain bowls with sea vegetables. 
INSPIRATIONS TO INSPIRE: Hearing or vision impaired creators and students - learning, processing and creating despite? No. Learning, processing, creating exquisitely in a way that would only be possible WITHOUT the "normal" functioning of their senses.