Copy of Elements of Spirit - WATER Reading - 8.8-8.15



COLORS TO POP: Midnight blue and deep purple
CRYSTALS TO VIBE: Lapis, amethyst
OILS TO ANOINT: Juniper berry, clary sage
SNACKS TO NOSH: Several small, balanced, low sugar, high protein meals a day. Vegan stuff. Workout food. 
INSPIRATIONS TO INSPIRE: Students in Law School, who study diligently for tests that are incredibly hard, while managing to party and workout, all the while acting like it's a normal part of their existence, because it is.

THIS WEEK: You may be so acutely sensing the depths of change swirling about at this point in the eclipse cycle that you are uncomfortable or overwhelmed. Sorry bout it. What you are suspecting is probably true. What's changing is changing. When it's time it's time. But time waits for no human. So what can you do but keep moving forward with caution and clarity? The second chakra, the watery zone of the human body, lights up in this reading. So think about the element of water and how important it is: it symbolizes feelings, and emotions, sure, but it is also the elixir that sustains life. Whatever is inside of you (that is emerging thanks to the crazy changes going down) must be protected. The water you carry can soothe, help and heal, and we need every drop so try not to get messy. Proceed cautiously and focus on each step you're taking. Stay grounded and keep on trudging.