Elements of Spirit - FIRE Reading - 8.22-8.29

FIRE READING - 8.22-8.29


THIS WEEK:  You have something important inside of you trying to get out. Let your words come into focus so you can use them after Mars goes direct on the 26th. Until then figure out what you want to say, but mostly enjoy trying to say it, messing it up, and being human in general.

When we tune into the fire there is an image of a loving woman arms outstretched to the sun, the world, the human race. She seems to be both gathering in the light of the sun and offering her heart to it. She is somewhere in between revelling in the moment and trying to capture it with words. Let yourself be there. Be where you are and try to understand it, and know that this is what all great music, theater, opera and art in general are made of: Human beings, trying to reckon with themselves, nature, the world they find themselves in, and their place in it relative to the each other and the whole damn universe. 

But this woman (that’s you) is clearly trying to express something so deep which is probably well… herself and her truth. Whatever you’re dealing with RN, remember that the stakes are this high.

COLORS TO POP: Hippie earth tones or patchwork colors and woven patterns. 
CRYSTALS TO VIBE: Sandstone, aquamarine
OILS TO ANOINT: Geranium, sandalwood
SNACKS TO NOSH: Rooibos tea, magic mushrooms, honeycomb candy.
INSPIRATIONS TO INSPIRE: Cavemen who probably had "better" things to do like hunt, gather, and survive an ice age, but who still took time to revel in the natural forces of the sun, moon and stars. Part worship, part inquiry into the nature of the universe, these cosmic reckonings by early humans also resulted in cave-paintings... i.e. something was happening in this relationship and they wanted to communicate it.