Elements of Spirit - EARTH Reading - 8.29-9.5



THIS WEEK:  There seems to be some chunky rock formations around your arms and shoulders. They could be shoulder pads for protection, but we sense that these are layers of resistance revealed by the recent astrological alignments. BUT DON'T WORRY, they are ready to be shed.

You could also think of it as scar tissue. During mars retrograde it may have been difficult to get behind all your projects, this may have been trying, you may have even been exhausted. But all that resistance has caused you to heal and build up strength. Now it's time to rehab, to work through scar tissue and get your full range of motion back. The energy is there now thanks to Mars direct.

So whatever you held off on, or held back on during the last few weeks and months needs some muscle behind it now. Be brave and bold like a bull in a china shop. If you break something pick it up and fix it, but by no means should you be proceeding gingerly right now. Loosen up, and move around, get the cricks out. If you apply yourself and take advantage of the easy influx of fiery energy right now, you might get that all too rare occurrence wherein you feel yourself, you like what you feel, and you appreciate what you like. This may even lead you to trusting yourself! Play to your strengths, emphasize your progress, and get back in the game. 

COLORS TO POP: Grass green and dirt brown.
CRYSTALS TO VIBE: Green calcite, selenite.
OILS TO ANOINT: Rosemary, spearmint.
SNACKS TO NOSH: Muscle milk or vegan protein shakes
INSPIRATIONS TO INSPIRE: The Incredible Hulk at the physical therapist's office. He may break some shit, but everyone needs healing sometimes.