AIR READING - 7.11-7.18


THIS WEEK: What's beating in your heart will become much clearer if you can manage to clear your head and keep it clear. Your affirmation is insinuating that you may need to SIMPLIFY your vision first before committing to it. You can do this by specifying what your vision IS. Or you can summon gusts of wind to blow away what your vision ISN'T. When you get a sense of what you're going for, boldly reject all that stands in your way. Every time you get clearer, trust and believe that Mars retrograde will make you question and re-work and even doubt. But treat it all as more useful information re: what to focus on or what to burn through. Take actions to keep your head clear. Tell someone to politely fuck off, even if it's just a nasty voice in your head. You gotta clean the crap outta your eyes, ears nose and mouth. As you march forward with your heart held aloft (see ETHER) each step will make you see hear smell and taste your vision. As the vision becomes clearer, hold on to it and take action to eradicate naysayers and resistance (again, whether it's coming at you from inside or outside).  

Element(s) to Call In: FIRE
Element(s) to Release: WATER
Colors to POP: Pale Blues, Shades of White, Black

Crystals to vibe with: Larimar, Jet, Clear Quartz
Essential Oils to anoint: Lemon, Clary Sage
Snacks to nosh: Refreshing veggies and fruits - celery, cucumbers, blueberries, watermelon.
Inspirations: EVENT PLANNERS like Colin Cowie or even Martha Stewart - whose visions must remain clear and stable even as they burn through epic resistance or day-of SNAFUs.