Human Tools Be Like…

I am overjoyed to welcome you to, and to EatYourSpirit, the EdibleSpirit Blog.

EdibleSpirit is dedicated to making the most far-out, woo-woo, highly-vibrational spiritual, psychic, and soul based material as straightforward and satisfying as a delicious meal. The EatYourSpirit blog is a space to announce upcoming EdibleSpirit events, a forum for the EdibleSpirit community, and most deliciously for me, a place where I get to directly to share my inspirations, meditations, and creations.

I am always journeying–from the deepest recesses of the inner planes, to the most far-flung corners of the infinite cosmos–to bring back useful tools, tips, and ideas that can improve the circumstances of your life, work and relationships, HERE AND NOW. I have been doing this for awhile now, in private sessions with clients, in classes with my students, in my creative work as a writer and chef, and in my everyday life as a friend, lover and family man. This new online space is an ever so slightly more formalized way of bringing you the tastiest tools I've turned up in my multidimensional voyages.

So let's talk about tools. My father taught me that if you have a problem, or a challenge, or something that's really really important to you, you use the best tools available to get the job done. Even if you don't totally understand how to fix the problem, if you have the right tools, and a clear understanding of the problem, you can fix just about anything. We’re human. We use tools to get stuff done all the time. We just think of tools as things you can pick up and use.

But what if you are the best tool ever?

What if you were made, one-of-a-kind, to assist your Self in solving every single problem that comes your way? What if you could pick yourself up, and with a little reflection and some gentle guidance, use yourself, your consciousness, and the empowered validity of your experience, to crack the code that teaches you to hack your soul? What if you were capable of journeying through time and space, life and love, joy and loss with grace, ease, and so much peace?

Duh. You are. In fact, it's what you're made to do.

If your life were the ultimate problem, you’d be the ultimate tool for solving it.

Let's be clear: you and your life are never broken, nothing about you needs to be fixed. But life goes on. Things change, new challenges arise, and we rise to meet those challenges. In this process, growth occurs. Your human tool (hehe) is upgraded, refined, remodeled, re-released. You grow as the challenges grow. This is evolution. And evolution goes on no matter what you do.

Conscious evolution, however, is entirely optional. It's a choice to refine your human tool, (in response to some challenge, or as a preparatory measure) along the most loving and authentic lines. When you choose to grow–when you choose to change, when you choose to transcend a circumstance, or to viscerally engage a circumstance from the clearest, brightest most loving perspective possible–you are choosing to evolve, consciously. This activation refashions the human being into a tool that is optimized for every situation. I call this ongoing process of conscious evolution Soul-Maintenance.

Here in New York, and all over the world, we put all sorts of time and money and energy into maintaining our bodies and minds and desires, but when it comes to our SOUL – our true self, our whole self, our essence, our being, our all-seeing, all-knowing, perfectly whole and infinite self - many of us sweep it under the rug in one way or another. Even talking about it seems like a waste of time, or it's indulgent, or it’s weird, or scary, or we just sort of figure that it will be taken care of…  Most often, we don't even know where to start.

You can start here. Take a bite out of your soul here. EatYourSpirit here. Choose to grow, choose to evolve, now.

Authority over your soul/spirit/self belongs to you and only you. Your choice is everything. Your truth is what matters most. Everything I do, say, and teach at is aligned with this priority. I am not interested in getting you to believe in anything. I am not trying to prove anything. I am offering, in service, the information and tools I have found most useful in harnessing the power of the spiritual plane to transform your life, work and relationships.

If the human being is an exquisite tool, Edible Spirit is here to help you write your own user’s manual.

With big buckets of love,

Michael Domitrovich