Who's Your Mama?

When I say I work for the Mother, I know exactly what I mean… but it recently occurred to me that it might be worth explaining.

When I talk about the Mother, I am talking about the feminine aspect of All That Is.

You could call it the Goddess, but that smacks of nutritional yeast and tie-dye to me (btdubs I love the Goddess, and nutritional yeast and tie-dye, I just don’t love the way one little word can shut down a being’s entire processing system). The truth is that the words God and Goddess are two sides of the same coin - that unnameable, unspeakable, indescribable, inconceivable totality -  All That Is.

In this über-fluid year of 2016, I don’t like giving too much weight to gendered binaries. I just want to point out that Goddess and God are binary for a reason: so that we can discuss the larger infinitely unknowable umbrella term from which they descend - All That Is.

All That Is is kinda just that. All That Is. Bigger and more beyond the most distant reaches of beyond. Containing all things and within all things... like ALL of them, and then the rest of ALL of them.

So what is the Mother? For the sake of discussion let's go balls to the binary wall by asking:  What is the Father?

I think of the Father as the Male aspect of All That Is - the idea, the spark, the very form of our universe.

I think of the Mother as the Female aspect of All That Is - the expression, the flame, the very content of our universe.

Every culture has a binary like this - usually revealed through myth, folklore, or scripture. I particularly love the idea of Shiva and Shakti - both universal forces, both aspects of Brahman (All That Is), but Shiva respresents the universe in potential, in idea, in form, while Shakti is that same universe in action, in expression, in content. 

It can be argued that everything in existence can be organized by these polarities (yin/yang, light/dark, masc/fem) but remember! They are only referential headings which allow us to discuss that which is un-discussable.

One other idea: If the Father asserts that all of creation is contained within Him, then the Mother asserts that SHE is within all of creation. And let’s face it, she doesn’t have to assert it, she knows it’s true so she can just keep flowing. 

So that’s what I mean when I say I work for the Mother: I work on behalf of All That Is, in expression.

All the juiciest content out there in the world - from the most glorious constructions to the humblest piles of waste. The pretty flowers and the plastic bags. The fearless and the terrified. I wake up, every day, and I ask to be reminded of the light within all things and all beings. I ask to see only that.

I let others argue about God, and theories, and ideas. If I have to talk about something, I will most likely talk about the Mother. But before long I will most likely just I bury my face in the breast of creation (aka the Mother) and take care of myself as best I can (cuz mama said so) so that I can get deep into doing her work.

What is the work of the mother? It is in identifying, encouraging, and unleashing the power of All That Is in expression. First in myself, then in others. It's even become part of my pre-session schpiel - “I am here to work with you to find your path of least resistance - to help you discern who you actually are, and to give free reign to the dynamic expression of that truth within you. To build practices and understandings that support that truth. To clear away whatever is not aligned with that truth."

Because even though it’s all blessed as part of creation, sometimes there are feelings, beliefs, patterns and perspectives that are not of the present; that are borne from past traumas or future worries. But in the middle of it all the Mother is flowing through all things. I ask to see her presence in all things and all beings. I know she is just part of something bigger, and I am humbled to approach the wisdom from whence she comes.

If I've learned anything it is that the Mother loves to see us expressing ourselves, because SHE IS THAT EXPRESSION. So if you want to connect to the Mother, just do that. Be yourself. Express Yourself. She will relish your enjoyment of watching yourself flow through yourself and out into the world. Every time another Mother wave breaks, flowing from you into the world, She will be lit up in the hearts and minds and bodies of everyone that comes in contact with your expression.

Oh PS. She’s totally also just your mother. She’s all mothers. She’s everything nourishing and nurturing and delicious and comforting. She’s my mom, and my mom’s mom, and my grandma’s mom. So if you want to connect to the Mother, connect with your mother, or the most motherly place within yourself and just give a big thumbs up, like "way to go with expressing yourself Mother, thank you because that expression expressed me and my expression touches every drop of you in expression in all expression."

HEY! Maybe we can all make the biggest ever "World’s Best Mom" coffee cup for her out of all the shards of pain and sadness and loss and disconnection we have ever felt. I bet she’d like that: a giant arts and crafts project fusing together all the released misery of her children which could hold what… light? stars? Herself? Yeah. That’s it. While our Mother sits back and sips, it is highly likely that she will whisper through the cosmos: “I am in the liquid I drink. I am in the shards of pain that made this mug. I am in the impulse to create it and to give it back to me. And as I drink I give myself to you again. I will never tire of this giving. For I am in all giving. I am in all receiving. I am in all exchange. I am in you. I am in you. I am in you.”

Endless and Infinite Love and Light to All Mothers Everywhere,
and the Mother in All,