A Question of Commitment

What are you committed to? What do you give yourself to? What is your service? What is your purpose?

Asking these (BIG) questions is really fun for me, mostly because I have been so dang blessed to see people actually come up with answers in our sessions and workshops.

A lot of people don't even let themselves ask the question.

I am committing myself to love these days. To love itself, but also to WHAT I love.

I’m talking a whole lot about love these days too. Unabashedly. It used to be abashedly, I would think "Gee Mikey that sounds so pat - it can't really all be about love..." And maybe it isn't, maybe it is also about pain and suffering and misery and all that. 

But I'm pretty sure love is all there is/all you need/all we really have.

I’d leave it at that if I could. I’ve learned though, that I need something a leeeeetle bit more tangible, that I can sink my teeth into.

What you love is what matters to you. What you love is what you want to work for. What you love is what you are committed to.

That’s wicked tangible right? Except sometimes we commit to working for something that doesn’t matter to us at ALL. Sometimes we have no choice but to do so… even if only to make rent. And yet, I am convinced that it is always possible to put the cart before the horse - to make sure that even if you are not working on what you love, you are always working FOR what you love. Working IN THE NAME of what you love.

So in that way, Love is a wholly authentic, completely intangible priority.

Love is the only thing that inspires me to commit to anything. I may have to do something I don't want to do - work on something I don't want to work on - in order to open a path to work that is in line with what I love, but if I lose track of that love, I feel like I lose track of everything.

For some reason if you're not a milennial, the idea of only working for what you love seems like a luxury. But it's not. I frequently see people whose lives are in atrophy over complete commitment to something that means NOTHING to them, that doesn't matter, that they don't love.

I'm not saying you don't have to do what you have to do, but I am saying there is no point in being committed to anything if it's not at least aligned with something or someone you love.

But in this era - when most of us are trying to create our selves while simultaneously broadcasting the perfectly captured selfie of that creation, it's so easy to forget what you love, who you are, and all of your priorities.

I really think all this spiritual stuff is just a process of figuring out your authentic, intangible priorities, what you love, and then rearranging your existence and adjusting your choices bit by bit to affirm those priorities until the world around you matches the world inside you as closely as possible. Even if it takes your entire life, it’s very very worth it.

Fortunately there is an entire hierarchy of entities and energies that are TOTALLY COMMITTED to helping you discover who you are and what you love as QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!!! Because they and we know that this world needs us, and our light, and our love, like soon badly.

I believe we can all access those energies and entities on our own, but it helps to have help.

In the early stages of working with clients it's super simple: We turn to our extra-dimensional team in order to receive insight and reflections about who you really are and what really matters to you. We don't jam it down your throat, we offer it up, and if it vibes it vibes, and then everything is able to change.

But it all starts with those questions: Who are you? What are you committed to? What do you give yourself to?

When those questions start getting answered, new choices can be made about what you are committing yourself to. If those choices are more in line with your true self, you save so much energy, and that energy builds up until you have more than enough to share... Then it's about how do you want to give it away? How do you want to commit the surplus of love you've unleashed through your realigned priorities!?!?!?!?!?

Ugh, it's so awesome.

Right now I am clinging to what I love. Humping it gently, and probably crying a little while doing it, cuz I'm emo like that. It's intangible sometimes, but I know I'm doing it right when I feel good. The moment I disconnect from what I love, I feel physical pain in my body. I feel like I'm abandoning myself and my priorities. It hurts. And it’s not worth it. The love is still there, but the commitment has abated.

My wish for you (and dang man, for me too) is that you remain as fully committed to what you love as is humanly and divinely possible.

It’s so possible. And it's worth it.

I love you,