Protect Your Ish

Here's a powerful protection and clearing practice to help release whatever does not serve you while preserving all that is authentic. It's perfect for today's Scorpio New Moon, but most effective when used often. The simplicity of the practice has no bearing on its potency.

Protect Your Ish
(a practice for grounding, shielding and clearing)

1. Take three deep breaths and get centered. You don't need to be a zen master, just let the fluctuations of your mind settle as best they can.
2. Visualize roots of white light shooting out of your feet and the base of your spine. Imagine them plunging through the Earth and all its layers until they grasp onto the center core of the planet. If you don't like visualizations just repeat, 3x, in your mind or out loud, "I am perfectly grounded by the Earth now."
3. Pick a 3-dimensional shape, any shape that brings you pleasure. Ask yourself, "What color do I want this shape to be for maximum efficiency at this time?" Go with the first color that comes to you. No hard fast rules here, but for consistency's sake (and for maximum benefit) it's better to use the same shape and let variations come from the different colors you imagine. Imagine
4. Now, imagine this three dimensional shape expanding to a size that is big enough for you to fit into, or just imagine yourself inside of it already. Affirm that the shape is very hard, totally impenetrable but that you can also see through it. Say to yourself, "I am perfectly safe and protected inside of this space."
5. Focus your mind on the simple intention, "Whatever is in this space which no longer serves my highest good, I call it up now to be cleared." Casually, detachedly, notice if anything comes up: feelings, sounds, images, thoughts of people or situations. No need to get alarmed, you are calling these forces out of your subconsciousness so that you can kiss them farewell before they go. You're not looking for anything here, and you don't need to have any conscious acknowledgement, what matters most is the clarity of your intention. As you call up your ish, you may sense that your previously clear personal space is getting full of mucky stuff. That's the idea, because the next step is...
6. Flush that shit. Literally. Imagine the sound of a toilet flushing, or the image of your hand pressing the handle. Watch the sludge in your space draining down through the grounding cords in your feet or at the base of your spine, feel the murkiness clearing, or just say in your mind, "I release all that does not serve me in this moment, here and now."
7. Check in with the protective shape you created, flush again if you must. Know that it's done. Offer gratitude toward yourself and your extra-dimensional supports. Then, take three more deep breaths and go on about your existence.

I recommend the steps of grounding, shielding and clearing as preparation for any kind of psychic or healing work, or for meditation. It's great practice to start and end the day. It's incredibly useful if you're overwhelmed in a social situation, or if you feel you've been energetically schmecked by someone or some situation. Use it basically any time you need an energetic reset button, or to affirm the basic integrity of your self and your existence. NBD.

Love and Colored Shape Light