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Aura Reading Workshop and AuraPics in OC

  • The Dragon and the Rose 2424 N Grand Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92705 USA (map)


Wednesday, Oct. 24th
AURA READING workshop from 7-10
AURAPICS from 12-3 and 4-7

AuraPics Wednesday 10.24 from 12-3 and 4-7, with Aura Reading Workshop from 7-10pm.

AuraPics Wednesday 10.24 from 12-3 and 4-7, with Aura Reading Workshop from 7-10pm.

Join us on Oct. 24 from 7-10 for an AuraReading Workshop and throughout the day for AuraPics (digital aura portrait sittings) from 12-3 and 4-7!

This full day event takes you as deeply into the Aura as you are prepared to go.
The Aura Reading Workshop will get you acquainted with basic principles of the chakras, aura, and energetic field, and will help you to understand the psychic senses, or “clairs”, and teach u some simple ways of accessing your intuition to give Aura Readings.

The class includes a lecture, discussion and a guided meditation to raise your vibe and get you connected. We then dive into practicing using the psychic senses to read the vibrations of the Aura.

All attendees of the Aura Reading workshop are welcome to come in for a FREE AuraPic during the day. If you’re skipping the class, you can also just drop in for an AuraPic for $20.

The fee for the workshop is $40

More on Aura Reading see
More on AuraPics see

RSVP by going to the Dragon and the Rose Facebook -

You can also email to set up your aurapics appt. or just drop into the store on 10.24 from 12-3 or 4-7.


AuraPics are 5-10 minute digital aura portraits and mini-readings from EdibleSpirit.

In this series, 3 pics are taken of you -
a “before” headshot,
an “after” headshot,
and a full-body pic in between.

EdibleSpirit will do your AuraPic portrait in real time, drawing directly onto your body pic, explaining the colors, words, images, and energies he is perceiving in your Aura.

In this project we are creating a visual representation of something which is technically invisible to the naked eye. In so doing the sitter receives a once-in-a-lifetime snapshot of the present moment, and can use the AuraPic as a reminder of the energies and experiences which came up during the reading. Viewers of the project can look at the before and after pics to detect if there is any difference in the sitter’s energy or aura once they have participated in the project. 


All AuraPics are displayed at and on instagram @aurapicsproject

No names are used, just faces, auras, and AuraPics.

Thank you for your participation in this ongoing project!

FEE: Aura Reading Workshop is $40 and includes an AuraPic sitting appointment!
AuraPics sittings are available by drop in for $20.

Visit the Dragon and the Rose FaceBook page or call
When you rsvp for the class, you can make an appointment for an AuraPic!