Michael Domitrovich is the Founder of EdibleSpirit.

Technically speaking, EdibleSpirit is a collective of creative being channeling healing insight, energy, and experience through the body of artist Michael Domitrovich.

Michael works in service. Before merging with his mission at EdibleSpirit, he was a chef, author, and playwright/director. Since diving into mystical work his writer’s brain has compelled him to make the things he does with his body and says with his voice clearly contextualized and easily digestible. He is a channel of raw energy, light and love (as are you), which means that he is as much a recipient of whatever moves through him as you are. He believes that everyone has access to this magic because everyone is sourced in the same being. His mission is therefore one of inclusivity: to help everyone connect with the part of themselves that is connected to everything, and in so doing to dismantle and deconstruct the distinctions that seem to separate us.

Michael’s work with EdibleSpirit is focused on empowering an army of Love Warriors who understand the relationship between Self Care, Self Love and Self Expression - who know they are amazing, and why, who understand the gifts that come along with that awareness, and who are diligently working to express those gifts creatively through selfless spiritual service.

Most importantly Michael is a passionate, indulgent, extreme and adoring human and lover of humans. He works on behalf of the Mother, the Goddess, and peace, not as an abstract ideal, but as a tangible goal that is attainable here and now.