EdibleSpirit Session:

These one-of-a-kind sessions promote accelerated evolution on all levels, combining informative "readings" with energetic healing techniques. Through consultation with your extra-dimensional support system we work to illuminate and balance the physical, emotional and mental bodies from the perspective of your already-balanced whole.soul.self. This prepares the way for a conscious identification with your Truth to prevail. In this state of empowered presence it is much easier to actively engage your power, path, and purpose as you meet the challenges and changes of your daily life. Come with a question or intention (from the most specific to the most general) or see how we are guided.

60-90 min. recommended

Relationship Guidance:

Relationship sessions examine the energetic expression of the individuals in a relationship, along with the flow of energy between them. We then look at the relationship as a separate entity, with its own needs and goals, seeking to illuminate that which is supporting the highest purpose of the relationship and that which is hindering it. All parties in the relationship should be present for these sessions.

90-120 min. recommended

Energetic Clearing/Attachment Removal:

Free your space, your self, or your loved ones from extra-dimensional undesirables. The process of energetic clearing traces, isolates and clears the sources of any energetic stagnation or negative entity attachment in spaces or individuals. Includes a consultation, the clearing process itself, and follow-up recommendations for how to stay clear and protected. Space clearings require an in-person visit. Individual clearings and attachment removals are usually better in person, but in some cases individuals can be cleared from a distance.

Time varies, travel expense and additional clearing materials not included.


EdibleSpirit provides guidance for a host of issues that may arise on the metaphysical practitioner's path. Answer any questions you may have, receive energetic balancing, healing and clearing. Maintain your clearest connection to Truth/Source/Spirit through one-on-one support, unique meditation practices, and suggestions for psychic development and metaphysical study.

60 min. recommended

Business Healing:

A business is an entity with its own Soul. A team of colleagues is a living breathing organism with its own essence and spirit. These sessions use metaphysical tools and techniques to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses or teams. Useful in identifying problems or challenges from a fresh perspective and conceiving of equally novel solutions, these intensive sessions are usually for business owners or CEOs who can then implement their experience in their own time. Larger scale business trainings can be customized to meet your company's needs.

90 min. recommended

Intentional Expansion Therapy (IET):

Use this unique combination of metaphysical tools to get whatever your heart desires. This intensive, multi-session practice assists individuals in achieving a specific intention. come in with a desire, any desire – literally anything you want. We will then use a specific combination of reading and healing practices to reveal the dynamics and patterns that are facilitating and hindering the manifestation of your desire. Think of it as accelerated evolution that harnesses the power of your Soul to transform your life completely. Includes a one-of-a-kind "activation key" which acts as a regular practice to accelerate and refine transformation.

90 min. first session, followed by three 60-minute sessions over 6 months

Tarot Readings

A contemporary consultation of the ancient oracle. EdibleSpirit uses a unique narrative based approach to the tarot, reading the cards as a reflection of your life story. Perfect for a shorter session, or to answer focused questions. Select from a variety of decks. See also: Events.

30-60 min. recommended