My name is Michael Domitrovich. In my development and practice as a healing channel I've observed that this whole new-age-now-age-whatever-age territory can feel both obscure AND overwhelming. So I started EdibleSpirit in the summer of 2015 as a hub for functional, accessible spirituality. Through Private SessionsGroup Workshops, and unique Events I offer a way of working with the subtlest and most powerful aspects of existence that you can use to improve your life and get more of the things you want—all while living more authentically AS YOU ARE. My aim is to present a consistent approach to a live-able spiritual practice that will get you tapped into your power without ending up all woo-woo or weird or cheesy or vague or short-circuited by the whole ordeal.

This is a Digestible Universe.

All the offerings at are designed to demystify spiritual healing, soul-study, and psychic development so they can be effectively integrated into contemporary living. I work with individuals, couples, groups, and businesses who want to plug into the power of the spiritual plane to improve the circumstances of their life, work, and relationships right here, right now, in this moment, on Earth.

Whether you are choosing to make a conscious change, or facing the unexpected changes that come with every day, EdibleSpirit is here to provide you with the information, tools and practices that keep you aligned with and expressing the fullness of your truth.