+ The EdibleSpirit Experience

Our digital spiritual transformation subscription which includes weekly video readings, bi-monthly New and Full Moon Transmissions, and quarterly call-in shows, channeling events, and community rituals. Subscribers also get access to products and discounts on services. We are on hiatus this summer but will be back in Sept. 2019.

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+ EdibleSpirit Group Session

This group session uses the classic EdibleSpirit Session as a basis for group work. It is designed to support balance in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, to illuminate and empower your psychic gifts and spiritual superpowers, and to offer insight into how to align your present day existence with your infinite and eternal truth. Collective Sessions includes a channeled message for your group as well as individual channeled readings for all attendees. Before the session, you are encouraged to write down an intention or question which will be addressed before the end of the session. We finish with a collective healing practice and include insight into ongoing practices to support development and follow up. Sessions can be done over phone/skype/facetime, or in person.

60 min (reccomended for 2-3 people) - $295

90 min (reccomended for 3-6 people) - $395

120 min (reccomended for 6-8 people) - $495

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+ Space Clearing

Also known as “space healing”, whether it’s the space of your body, your home, or your place of work, this heavy-duty service is for those who want a thorough clearing or blessing, or feel they have something less-than-ideal attached to them or the space they inhabit. It’s hard to know what will come up exactly, so these sessions are billed at a minimum of 2 hours and can only be done in person. Every session is the same: we assess the energetic points of strength and weakness in the body and/or space and then use various techniques to clear the undesirable energies. We also offer consultations on how to protect the space ongoing and can provide follow up services.

2 hrs. minimum - $495

+ Workshops

We rotate workshop topics on the regular and will be offering the following in the fall of 2019:

Aura Reading: How to perceive and interpret the human energetic field.

Empath Activation: How to use the natural human capacity for empathy as an empowered psychic gift.

Psychometry: How to read the vibrations in heirlooms and photos.

Smokes and Smudges - How to use sacred smokes to clear and bless spaces, objects, and people.

Each workshop can be done as a 2-hour lecture, or a 3-5 hour workshop combining lecture, discussion, and hands on practice. We begin with a review of basic psychic and spiritual preparation, "The Big 5" steps we reccomend before starting or continuing any psychic or spiritual practice. This makes EdibleSpirit workshops great for beginners, but since we always aim to teach you something new, or in a new way, experienced mystical practitioners will have plenty to chew on. As always, everything is framed in the context of self-care, self-love, and self-expression through service.

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+ AuraPics

The AuraPics Project is an ongoing series of digital aura portraits and mini-readings from EdibleSpirit. "TO SEE WHAT IS SEEN WHEN YOU ARE SEEN"

This project illuminates what may or may not be the human energetic field. If the aura is there, why? What is it trying to tell us? Based on the idea that the aura shifts or changes when it is perceived, each sitting takes 10-15 minutes and includes a before-and-after pic with a digital portrait of your Aura, drawn in real time by EdibleSpirit. The AuraPic is like a snapshot of the moment you are in, with the before-and-after pics giving viewers a chance to see if they detect any changes in the sitter. Offered at parties and in-store events, participants have their aurapics posted on ediblespirit.com and on instagram, but we do private sittings as well. This offering can also be combined with Aura Reading Class for an in-depth aura-inspired event.