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Heal Yer Dam Self (and the Earth) - An EdibleSpirit Equinox Ritual

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Comin Atcha with a LIVE EdibleSpirit Event - a small group is gathering to participate in an Equinox Ritual in Hollywood as we stream the moment LIVE on FaceBook. You can join us LIVE or follow along later once the video is posted. As always we are aiming to bring you unfiltered Cosmic Mojo in a way that is fun, engaging, and easily digestible. 

The theme of this Fall Equinox ritual is "Heal Yer Dam Self (and the Earth)."

The ritual will focus on the idea of Balance - tres Equinoxe - between light and dark, day and night, but also between the heavens and the earth, and between your inner truth and outer reality.

We will start with a little discussion about the equinox and its meaning. Then we will go through a series of visualizations and breathing practices that call in the balancing energy of the Equinox. Next we go deep into a journey exploring the ways in which your human body is connected to the Global Body of Humanity. Depending on what turns up, we will make some promises to ourselves, and to Mother Earth, and do a little connecting-of-the-dots, aligning our intentions with the highest good for ALL. We'll finish by sharing the amassed mojo through a Global Peace Prayer and Healing.

Click HERE to reserve a spot in the group ritual (IRL in Hollywood).

After the big Eclipses of the summer season the global stakes are higher than ever, and it's just getting clearer and clearer that WHO YOU ARE is the GIFT the world needs you to give. This ritual and the energies it calls in will help you to make sense of this wonderful formula - how to make sure that YOU are doing YOU, for the benefit of ALL, without getting distracted, overwhelmed, or exhausted. In this way, the fall equinox is kind of like spring cleaning for your intentional/soul self. 

This is an EdibleSpirit LIVE Event - hosted in Hollywood, streamed live on Facebook. If you're in the LA area and would like to join in person, please CLICK HERE to RSVP.

Otherwise tune in to at 12:30pmPT on 9/22/17.