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Psychic Trance Sessions with Dan + Mikey

  • The Center for Remembering and Sharing 123 4th Avenue New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)

Prepare to be mystified and amazed…

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EdibleSpirit Presents:


YOU ARE INVITED to a guided tour of the other side, facilitated by hypnotherapist Daniel Ryan and mystic Mike Domitrovich. This modern metaphysical happening is designed to blow your mind (and encourage critical conversation on the definitions and functions of healing, trance, and psychic phenomena.)

During the piece, Mr. Ryan - a hypnotherapist with decades of experience in his field - will speak on and use trance before a live audience to bring Mr. Domitrovich - artist, healing channel, and creator of EdibleSpirit - into a deep near-somnambulistic state of unconscious awareness where anything can happen. 

Possibilities thereafter may include (but are not limited to) the transmission of information from before or after life, dialogues with non-human entities, the release and relief of trauma through healing catharsis, or narratives relevant to the group that contain unique insights. Individual readings and healings may also occur, along with energetic re-alignment, connections with loved ones who have passed on, and/or the manifestation of non-physical beings.

The artists do not know what will happen during the performance in advance, and they may not know what happened afterward. The natural elements of exhibition will be calibrated to empower a subjective learning and healing exchange creating a “purified” artistic space - one which is free of all unnecessary aspects. There is nothing to prove or disprove. We ask the group to accept or reject nothing. While the players are active, there is no limit to the space inside the space. 

Please no photography or recording.

WHEN: Sunday, 10/29 - 2 sittings - 3-5pm and 7-9pm
WHERE: The Center for Remembering and Sharing (CRS) 123 4th ave. New York, NY 10003 (between 12th and 13th st.) 3rd. floor (The WHITE ROOM)
TICKETS: $10 in advance- RSVP thru links below.
For 3-5 sitting:
For 7-9 sitting: