We have dedicated our life to the illumination and empowerment of all beings everywhere. Our highest ideal is peace, not as an abstraction, but as an attainable state for all beings here and now.

We developed this commitment to service working our my family's restaurants as a young'un. We continued by refining our gifts as an artist and writer. The awakening to our path as a healer and teacher was surprising, sudden, and all encompassing. We have since devoted our practice to guiding other seekers along their path, helping people to understand the spiritual plane, psychic awakening, and soul-study within the context of their everyday lives.

Trained as a psychic, medium, healer, and conscious channel, we receive and relay information from the spiritual plane that we try to communicate in easily accessible ways. We read the whole soul of every being we encounter, be they an individual, a couple, a pet, a family, or a business. We treat challenges as opportunities for learning, growth, change, and evolution. We understand the practical implications that concern our clients and are always aiming to make the most woo-woo-out-there-esoteric material as straightforward and satisfying as a delicious meal.

But in the end, we deal with whatever comes up, creatively. A session with us is adapted to clients’ individual needs but may include sound therapy, crystal therapy, chakra reading, energetic balancing, past life reading, shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, and cord cutting to release toxic emotions, thoughts and relationships. We specialize in providing guidance around psychic gifts and awakenings, connecting them to your soul, your path, and your service.  We love to trace dynamics and patterns from the present back to their sources in family lineages and past lives. We always aim to guide clients along their path of least resistance. New Yorkers LOVE this, because from this point of view, our entire practice is about conserving energy, increasing efficiency and improving performance. We just do it from the top down - If your Soul is pumping life into all the aspects of your being with minimal resistance, then dude, performance is not a problem. During most sessions we will offer suggestions for meditation, mantras, rituals, affirmations and lifestyle refinements that help ground and sustain the deep changes that can occur while we work together. We always work to access the deepest healing possible by facilitating the connection to your whole.soul.self

We wish to expresses eternal gratitude to all of our teachers: John Morelli, Taffy McCarthy, Mary Nichols, Kevin Courtney,  Bobby Wood, Gail Thackray, Anne Reith, Shlomit Michaely, Stacy Chang, Ariane Nicole, Barbara Hand Clow, Stylianos Atteshlis, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Bhagavan Nityananda, Baba Muktananda, Mata Amritanandamayi, Hermes Trismegistus, Eduardo Machado, and all of our brothers and sisters on Earth and in Spirit who are supporting the loving unfoldment of this time and space.

We love you. No, but like really.