photo by kristiina Wilson for Beauty by Joey Maalouf

photo by kristiina Wilson for
Beauty by Joey Maalouf


One of the most cathartic experiences of our life was this photo shoot and interview for, an a-gender lifestyle portal. With beauty by the genius Joey Maalouf, photos by the god/dess Kristiina Wilson, and interview by the brilliant Jenni Miller, this unbelievable team forcefully expunged truth from deep within and made us feel beautiful, whole and healed (aka full of EdibleSpirit). Check out the feature for all the photos, and a conversation about gender, fashion, and infinity.



We love being a regular on The Feels with John Hill, every month on RadioAndy, the Bravo network on SiriusXM channel 102. We've known John for a minute, but we've gotten cosmically closer since we began doing live readings on his show. Every Thursday at 4pmPT/7pmET, John gives his take on the best new music and pop culture, and every month, on Psychic Thursdays, he opens the phones so we can do live readings on the air! These readings are fast and furious, but we are proud of the work we've done together and the people we've reached.

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That's So Retrograde

Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari are arguably responsible for getting me us out of our old head and into the realm of modern-mystical-media! Seriously, the first time we did their contemporary wellness podcast we were stunned - couldn't believe we were getting to have such a fun and cool conversation. It made us think about our work, and how we work, and how we talk about our work in ways that I never imagined. The first episode below is all about SMUDGES! Basically all the stuff you can burn to clear a space, object or living being. There's also a coooool part about the spirit we encountered while clearing Elizabeth's home. The second episode is about when life causes you terrible pain and you don't know what to do about it. How to process pain from an EdibleSpirit perspective. Find more That's So Retrograde HERE

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Sakara Life

We had an amazing time clearing the epic office space of Sakara Life - the hottest, most vibrant and doctor-approved plant based meal delivery service.  The founders of the company, Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise are obviously not just figureheads. They are the living, breathing, highly vibrational ambassadors of healthy living. And c'mon, they're frickin GORGEOUS. Check out an article about the clearing and find out more about Sakara Life.

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Bright and Empowered

We got to have a sit-down with an old friend, fellow Scorpio, and fellow Detroiter, the classiest coach we know, Diane Passage. We met Diane when we were both doing COMPLETELY different things in our lives, but our friendship is strong, especially now that we are both in service based professions. In this episode of her podcast, Diane and EdibleSpirit discuss a practical understanding of the chakras, finding that elusive state of flow, trauma, psychic gifts, and how to build up trust in yourself (and why that matters!).


Self Care With Writers

I'm proud of this interview. It's with my dear sqirl friend Robert Kuang, who has an amazing website featuring interviews with writers about Self Care. Obvs I am all for self care. In part One, "Embracing Theater and Writing Through A Connected, Meaningful Universe," Robert got a lot of details about my life as a playwright (and a whole bunch of other stuff). In Part two, "A Spiritual Perspective on Pain, Pleasure, and Mental Illness," the conversation starts turning towards mental health, and some thoughts on how emotional and psychological wellness (and dis-ease) are connected to Spiritual Healing. It's heady stuff, but I'm still amazed by how much goodness we turned up in an afternoon's conversation. I swear when I start talking something else tends to take over.