I started hosting EdibleSpirit Events as a way to split the difference between hardcore cosmic spiritual practice and some easygoing 3-d earthly FUN. I do workshops and classes that are open to the public (see Workshops), but EdibleSpirit Events are for when you want to assemble your own list of attendees to connect in the setting of your choice. All of the offerings are customizable and can be focused to meet the needs of your party, group, or business... all in the name of integrating the infinite power of the spiritual plane into your daily existence.

EdibleSpirit Circles:

Assemble your own crew of seekers and go beyond the beyond in a private, safe, and inspirational setting perfect for parties and posses of your most magical besties. We can customize this offering by blending practical instruction, guided meditation, group healing, reading, and hands-on practice. Perfect for first timers or experienced metaphysicians, EdibleSpirit Circles can be planned as a one-off event or over a series of weeks. Circles run 2-3 hours, depending on what we do.

EdibleSpirit Speaks:

If you have ever wanted to integrate practical spirituality into your daily existence, I would be happy to put together a talk that speaks directly to you and yours. Compared to EdibleSpirit Circles, this offering is better for a group that wants to be a little more hands-off, listening and receiving as opposed to engaging directly. Most lectures run 60-90 minutes and include a brief guided meditation and a little time for Q&A.

Old School Fortune Teller:

You throw the party, I bring the turban, eyeliner, and tarot cards. Real-deal-readings in a celebratory setting. I can be as “woo-woo” or “down-to-earth” as your event requires. I also have access to a list of brilliant intuitives for large scale events.

EdibleSpirit Suppers:

This offering combines my skills as a chef with my practice as a healer. Designed to maximize the healing potential of a dinner party, EdibleSpirit Suppers are an extended ritual in which all of the food, drink, and magic is inspired by an overall intention or theme. I will plan the menu with you and prepare the meal in your home or at a venue of your choosing. Somewhere between dinner and dessert, I will do an EdibleSpirit Group Healing session - in which the gathered group receives a channeled message, followed by individual readings for the attendees, and a group healing practice to finish it all off. I mean...

Soul-Full Retreats:

An exhilarating and illuminating experience that stretches your concept of who you are and what is possible in this life. This immersive offering combines EdibleSpirit services into a retreat experience hand tailored to meet your needs. Day-long, weekend, or longer packages available.