EdibleSpirit Events

These are interactive creative experiences, offered in service, from EdibleSpirit and its founder, Michael Domitrovich. Designed to stimulate an awareness of your limitless being, each event is a mystical meets artistical happening, usually involving Michael doing something wild with his body, mind, spirit and/or heart.

To See what is seen when you are seeN

To See what is seen when you are seeN


The AuraPics Project is an ongoing series of digital aura portraits and mini-readings from EdibleSpirit. "TO SEE WHAT IS SEEN WHEN YOU ARE SEEN"

This project attempts to illuminate what may or may not be the human energetic field. If the aura is there, why? What is it trying to tell us? Offered at in-store events and parties, participants have their aurapics posted on ediblespirit.com and on instagram, but we do private sittings as well. This offering can also be combined with Aura Reading Class for an in-depth aura-inspired event.


Tarot Party

You throw the party, we bring the turban, eyeliner, and tarot cards. Real-deal-readings in a celebratory setting. We can be as “woo-woo” or “down-to-earth” as the event requires.


Public Ritual

We are passionate about curating public rituals as they are the pinnacle of co-creation and group synchronization. We can assemble just the right correspondances and ritual actions to harness the ideal forces for a special moment. Gifted healers and readers, live performers, even intentionally curated menus can be assembled to take a gathering over the top.


Techno Meditation

A collaboration with DJ/Producer Lauren Flax that combines live mixed beats and music with live channeled vocals. Experimenting with intentionally creating and vibrationally curating space.

Psychic Hypnotist.jpg

Psychic Trance Sessions

A hypno-happening that runs like a talk show in which brilliant hypnotherapist and regression specialist Daniel Ryan takes Michael into a deep trance until he is able to channel the evening’s non-physical guests through his body.