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Channeling Class in West Hollywood

Practice delivering messages directly from Spirit.

Channeling is the ancient practice of allowing a spiritual entity to use your vocal cords to communicate directly with others on the Earth.

In this class we will develop our skills as conscious channels, learning the best methods to connect with Source in order to channel divine messages and energy in a way that is safe, grounded, informative, healing and fun!

We'll meet and have a group check-in, followed by a brief lecture on channeling: What it is, how it's done, what kinds of entities can be channeled, and how to protect yourself. This lecture is then followed by a guided meditation which aids the practitioner in strengthening their connection to Spirit and raising their own vibration. Once that's done we spend the rest of the circle practicing channeling.
First timers are welcome, and no one is ever forced to channel. Many people attend channeling circles just to hear messages and share in the energy that manifests.
Since no two channels are exactly alike, learning to channel is really just another means of developing your own unique connection to Spirit through this sacred practice.

WHEN: Sunday, March 3rd, 3-6pm
WHERE: Super Chic (you’ll get the address once you sign up)
FEE: $40 - email info@ediblespirit or dm @ediblespirit to RSVP

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