No prior experience is necessary to participate in an EdibleSpirit Workshop, but they are grouped into 101Development, and Journey formats to give you the degree of participation you desire. 101 classes are for the toe-dippers who want to survey a specific field in the extra-dimensional arts, with plenty of information to guide further studies. Development classes are for those who want to go a bit deeper, providing hands-on teaching and practice of extra-dimensional techniques. Journeys are like extended guided meditations that support spiritual living by illuminating the connection to your Self. Keep in mind these offerings can be mixed and matched to create a unique private or semi private event. Click HERE to schedule a private or semi-private workshop.



Learn the essential tools to prepare for psychic and healing work. This class covers protection, grounding, centering, opening and clearing. Introduction to chakras and key metaphysical concepts. Introduction to primary psychic senses.


Get acquainted with the other side and your extra-dimensional support team. Learn different theories of metaphysical cosmology. Experience the differences between spirit guides, angels, archangels, ascended masters, elementals, and animal spirits.


Learn to navigate the often overwhelming world of crystals. This class covers the shape, size and color of crystals, along with basic care, maintenance and use. Selecting and programming, how to make talismans, pouches, and crystal grids.



Learn to perceive auras through the psychic senses. Practice giving and receiving aura "readings." Refine awareness and experience of the psychic sense through the practice of perceiving auras. Instruction on how to use your intuition to perceive energetic fields and psychic information. Practice giving and receiving aura "readings".


Practice giving readings for yourself and others using Oracle Cards.  Learn the history of card divination, the difference between Oracle Cards and Tarot, basics of protection and invocation, working with the psychic senses and cards. Everyone will give and receive at least one reading.


Learn to read the vibrations in objects and photos. This class covers the basics of protection, connection, and how to use the psychic senses to receive intuitive information from objects. Participants must bring an object that belonged to a deceased loved one, or a photo of a deceased loved one or pet. Everyone will give and receive at least one reading.


Connect with extra-dimensional entities to deliver messages directly to others on Earth. In this class we develop our skills as "conscious channels," learning the best methods to connect and channel messages in a way that is safe, grounded, informative, healing and fun! Covers what it is, how it's done, what kinds of entities can be channeled, and how to protect yourself. Includes a guided meditation, which aids the practitioner in strengthening their connection and raising their vibration. Participation is encouraged but not mandatory.


Understand the most common human faculty as an empowered psychic gift. This practice based class dives deeply into the heart in order to understand the gift of empathy and how to use it in various situations. We examine empathy in different relationships and areas of experience. Then we learn how to use the gift of conscious empathy: how to turn it on, how to turn it off and what it’s all for. We practice the activation of acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude, and finish off by practicing empathic readings.



Make space to express the fullness of your truth. Cultivate balance and harmony between your masculine and feminine essences. This alchemical journey delves into the masculine and feminine expression of your Self in various areas of your life. We inquire into male/female passive/active expression and seek to cultivate a balance of the inner polarities. This balance is always unique to each individual, and this process empowers your most natural and efficient state of energetic expression.


Clear inherited beliefs, behaviors and dynamics from your immediate family and extended family lineage. This ancestral journey is an opportunity to isolate and release familial baggage that has been passed down through generations, without having to think or talk too much about it. Includes a group meditation and clearing practice that stirs up and releases that which is not technically ours, but which we have agreed (consciously or not) to address to the best of our ability. This is a chance to embrace and understand all that has been inherited from your forbears.


Make peace with your path and purpose through an exploration and activation of who you are and how you are engaging your existence. This journey is like a pit stop on the eternal road of the lightworker. Healers, thresholders, mystics, magicians. Artists, nurturers, mothers, fathers. Anyone who cares about others and cares for others (especially if that care becomes draining, exhausting, or confusing) can use this journey to get right with themselves and their service, clearing inertia and aggression. We go through a process of energetic cleansing and clearing that helps with acknowledging, accepting, and engaging the direction in which your Soul/Spirit/Self is guiding you. Perfect for those struggling to commit to their purpose, for those experiencing intense psychic awakenings, or for metaphysical practitioners overwhelmed by their call to service.