FIRE READING 7.18-7.25


THIS WEEK: The energy seems to be concentrated around the head and shoulders. If you’re so tense you can’t look to the right or left, you are basically useless to us and the army of love. But don’t worry you’re still a warrior, you just have to unpack some unnecessary crap that you’ve taken on. It is not so brutal as the AIR readings this week. You don’t have to constantly strip stuff down and away. But if you are tense, or stressed, or spinning out of control, use the affirmation to remind you that you usually have to put down something that’s not important in order to pick up something that is. Give yourself the chance to let some responsibility go in the name of picking up something that actually matters to you. Then you can keep marching with a lighter load, remembering why you are marching, and easily establishing a sustainable rhythm that will carry you through until LEO LAND which opens its gates this weekend. You will be in your natural elemental territory then and it’s probably going to make you feel even more glorious than you usually do. So use this time in unfamiliar water to do some reshuffling of your priorities as best you can because whatever is vibing high in your heart come Leo Season is going to ROAR until it makes itself known to you and everyone around you.

COLORS TO POP: Dusty purples, muted greens, and navy blues
CRYSTALS TO VIBE: Smoky quartz, ocean jasper, obsidian
OILS TO ANOINT: Blue tansy, lavender
SNACKS TO NOSH: High fiber foods, whole grains, dandelion greens
INSPIRATIONS TO INSPIRE: Special-education teachers on the weekends - so used to dealing with lots of challenging energies coming into their own, realizing themselves. When you’re not on-duty you have to be able to put down what matters big-picture, so you can focus a little more on what matters to you here and now.  

Elements of Spirit - FIRE READING - 7.11-7.18

FIRE READING - 7.11-7.18


THIS WEEK: In general, fire burns forth and water flows back. Cancer season can make us all very introspective, nostalgic, or out-of-control-emo. WATER douses FIRE, lame. But the cool thing is, FIRE evaporates water. So for once, we are encouraging you to BURN BABY BURN. But it's more like a controlled burn of a field. The first thing that came through you was, "I smooth the edges by burning the field." This is a little extra, like trying to smooth your split ends by lighting them on fire, but HEY, you can be a little extra. Use your natural inclination to burn the house down to free yourself from the bondage of inertia, nostalgia, or regret. It's always a great time to start afresh, as the moment is literally always renewing itself. It's always another NOW. Oh! Now it's another NOW. So the affirmation is chill: I AM FREE TO START OVER IN A WAY THAT PLEASES ME. Clarify your field so the march forward while holding your heart aloft (see ETHER) is that much easier, with a cleared way. It's ok if you feel like you're going around and around. Just make sure you beat something back, trim it down, or burn it away every time you make another lap. You might realize that you've been getting your energy all along from what you truly care about, and maybe, just maybe you are already marching in perfect sync with your heartbeat... you just might not be able to hear the satisfying syncopation from 20,000 leagues under the Cancer sea.

Element(s) to Call In: FIRE, EARTH
Element(s) to Release: WATER
Colors to POP: Blood Red, Crimson

Crystals to vibe with: Garnet, Hematite
Essential Oils to anoint: Vetiver, Ylang Ylang
Snacks to nosh: nutrient rich filling stuff like whole grains and legumes. Also spicy curries, so maybe like make or order some delicious Indian.
Inspirations: Park Rangers across America: keep making the rounds, tending to the lands that you steward. Do what needs to be done asap, knowing that your superiors don't necessarily care about you or support you. This is between you and the Earth, and it's about upholding your deepest values.